Sponsor a Shoot by Oliver Cook

Make the Internet Work for Your Brand

Sponsor a shoot and take advantage of the power of organic viral brand placement and reinforcement.

For a set fee, I will feature apparel carrying your logos or branding, in one or more of my photo shoots. I'll then share my photos across the web like I normally do, and you'll enjoy totally non-intrusive promotion, forever, with the likelihood of images featuring your brand going viral.

I publish my photos on many sites, where they often get picked-up by others and go viral. Some of the sites I launch them on include:

Chive.com - if a photo is featured it can reach literally more than a million viewers in a single day.

Tumblr - I run a couple of blogs with thousands of followers, with my images regularly getting re-blogged.

Instagram - I have thousands of followers and rising.

DeviantArt - The world's largest creative community.

Flickr - one of the biggest photo sharing sites in the world.

Many sites like these, don't allow overt advertising, so this is an effective way to tap into their phenomenal power and reach. Perfect for iGaming online casinos, sportsbooks, affiliates, sports and lifestyle brands. 

Pay Once, Enjoy Promotion 'Forever'

You'll just pay one set fee for the shoot (plus any costs for the apparel, if required), and then I'll start releasing the photos. They'll be published gradually, on different platforms at different times, to maximize effect - but once they are out there, they are basically there for the life of the internet! 

My photos already have a growing following, and sponsored photos will be dropped in among my normal creations, so it won't be too obvious, and will be much more effective than many other traditional advertising methods.

"I've put in over a decade of effort to cultivate a demand for my images. Thousands of people every day are seeing my photography, so take advantage and and get your brand some natural, organic, long-term viral exposure. As time goes by the reach of my images only grows exponentially, so the sooner you get in there, the better!"

- Oliver Cook

Just think, I'll be publishing the photos around the web, the models often share them with their followings, and you'll be able to publish them too; it's like beautiful organic teamwork :-)

Who Will I Reach?

Obviously, I can't guarantee any specific types of viewers, but in my experience, my fans tend to be males in their 20's - 60's, originating from all over the world, especially Europe, North America, the Middle East, East Asia, South East Asia, and Oceania.

Once the photos are out there, they tend to get shared for a long time. So their reach will only grow and grow.

Will the Photos have Links or Tags with my Brand?

Absolutely not. One of the main advantages of this kind of promotion is that you can harness the power of platforms that don't allow overt advertising - adding links and tags would get the photos removed, or turn off the viewers and discourage sharing. Your logo should be enough to promote your brand.

How Many Photos? Will I have Artistic Control?

We'll agree a minimum number of photos for a set (typically a set will be about 30 photos). 

You will merely be paying me to include shots of models wearing clothing (swimsuits etc), featuring your brand. Of course, I can do specially commissioned shoots to your specifics, but they will cost considerable more.

Can You Provide the Clothes?

Yes. I can arrange for branded swimsuits, bikinis, leggings, crop tops, T-shirts, bags etc. You will need to provide me with the artwork and allow extra time for the orders to arrive. Alternatively you can provide your own.

Can I Choose the Models?

With my standard package I choose the models I would normally be using for shoots. Specific models can be arranged, but this can bump up the price considerably, and may lead to delays whilst waiting for availability.

Where do You Shoot?

I'm normally on the stunning Mediterranean island of Malta. Though, I also shoot in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. Specific requests are possible, but again, they will bump up the costs considerably. 


Please note that, by the very nature of viral content, it is impossible to guarantee results of any kind. Sometimes things go viral, sometimes they don't - there are simply infinite variables at work - if anyone tells you that they can guarantee something will go viral, then they are either scamming you or incredibly naive. 

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